Marko John's

Marko John's socks (abbreviated by fans to “MJs”) are made in England by a family-run business that has been making superior British socks since 1895. Unlike most socks, they are lovingly hand-linked for a seamless toe, making MJs superlatively comfortable as well as more durable.

Britain has a rich heritage of clothing and textile manufacture; the wool trade was well established even before the Romans invaded in 55BC. Cotton was traded in Britain from the beginning of the 1700s. The skills of the British craftsmen have established these isles as the home of world-leading quality, from the Harris Tweed looms off the Scottish coast, to Savile Row in the heart of London, via the fine cobblers of Northampton and the cotton mills of Liverpool, Britain is awash with the world’s finest fabric, manufacturers, tailors and outfitters.

 In the words of Marko John's: "These are superior British socks. This is what we do"

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